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WTB: Commando 7800 NTSC (& Ikari?)

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Looking to buy Commando for the 7800 (NTSC) (even better if with instructions or box & instructions!).


I've collected just about every game I want for the 7800, but Commando still eludes me.  I check Ebay every so often, but it's very rare to find an NTSC copy with instructions.  Most on Ebay are the 2600 or PAL 7800 version.  I'm also a bit concerned about going the Ebay route because I'm worried about repros, defective copies, etc.


(I'm also interested in buying Ikari Warriors for the 7800 (NTSC), if you are the 1 guy in the world looking to sell both of these games to some random guy in Japan, let's make a deal! 😆)


I live in Japan and I know shipping will add a lot to the price, but that's fine.

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Good luck to you.  I recently completed this quest, thanks to another member and this very forum section.


I had to get the manual separate tho.  For some reason Commando 7800 instructions seem to pop up on eBay more frequently than the cart itself. It's hard to justify the $10-$20 just for the manual when it's only one page. I took a chance and bought one when I saw a low listing. Within a week of owning the manual, lightning struck and somebody approached me with a very fair offer on a cart, even tho my wanted listing was starting to get pretty old.


Sorry mines not for sale, but just saying they do show up time to time, and luck definitely helps.  Do a search on the sales forum too, just in case.

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Thanks for posting! I'm glad to hear you were able to get a copy.


You raised a very good point, so I've edited my post to indicate I would also consider buying just the cart from someone. :)

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