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FS: Texas Instruments TI 99/4A carts, cassettes, etc

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I haven't updated my sale list in a while, and I just organized the shelves, so here's my most recent list of items for sale.  Prices do not include shipping.  All items are tested and working, and in cosmetically very good (but not mint), condition unless stated otherwise.  Shoot me a message if you're interested in anything!


- Keith



Black Program Recorder with cable, power cord – tested                               25

Speech Synthesizer – tested                                                                       25

Used TI Joystick Y-Adapters, various                                                        15

“Computer Aids” brand Joystick Y-Adapter, new old stock              20

TI Power Supply                                                                                                10


Slik Stik tested joystick, boxed (requires y adapter)                           15



Dow/4 Gazelle flight sim cassette (John T. Dow, 1982)w/manual 20



PREMIUM CARTS (priced as marked)


Buck Rogers                                       red                         white                    20

Burgertime                                         red                         white                    10

Connect Four                                     red                         white                    5

Connect Four                                     black                      white                    5

Disk Manager                                    black                      black                      15

Disk Manager 2                                 black                      white                    15

Disk Manager 2                                 black                      black                      15

Disk Manager 2                                 blue                       white                    15          

Equations                                            green                    black                      6

Facemaker                                          green                    white                    5

Jawbreaker II                                     red                         white                    7

Laws of Arithmetic                           blue                       black                      6

Laws of Arithmetic                           blue                       white                    6

Measurement Formulas                blue                       white                    6

Microsurgeon                                    red                         white                    8

Music Maker                                      black                      black                      6

Music Maker                                      green                    white                    6

Picnic Paranoia                                  black                                                      10

Pole Position                                                                                                      8

Reading Flight                                    green                    black                      6

Reading Fun                                       green                    white                    6

Reading Fun                                       green                    black                      6

Return to Pirate’s Isle                     red                         white                    10

Sneggit                                                 red                         white                    12

Speech Editor                                    black                      black                      30

Star Trek                                              red                         white                    10

Statistics                                              mauve                  white                    8             

Story Machine                                   green                    white                    6

Super Demon Attack                       red                         white                    10

TI Extended BASIC                           black                      black                      20

TI Extended BASIC                           blue                       white                    20

TI Logo                                                  black                      black                      5             

TI Logo II                                              green                    white                    5

Treasure Island                                 red                         white                    25

Tunnels of Doom                              red                         white                    8

Tunnels of Doom                              red                         black                      8

Tunnels of Doom                              black                      black                      8             

Video Chess                                       black                      black                      6

Video Graphs                                     black                      white                    6




COMMON CARTS  $3 each or 6 for $15


name  |  label color  |  shell color 



Addition (Milliken)                           black                      black                     

Addition (Milliken)                           green                    white                   

Addition and Subtraction 1           green                    black                     


Adventure                                          black                      white                   

Adventure                                          black                      black                     

Alien Addition                                   green                    white                    

Alien Addition                                   green                    black                     

Alligator Mix                                      green                    white                   

Alligator Mix                                      blue                       black                     

Alligator Mix                                      green                    black                     

Alpiner                                                 purple                   black                     

Alpiner                                                 red                         white                   

Alpiner                                                 red                         black                                     

A-maze-ing                                         red                         black                     

A-maze-ing                                         black                      black                     

The Attack                                          black                      black                     

The Attack                                          red                         white                   

The Attack                                          red                         black                     

Beginning Grammar                        black                      black                     

Beginning Grammar                        green                    white                   

Beginning Grammar                        green                    black                     

Blackjack and Poker                        red                         black                                     

Blackjack and Poker                        black                      black                     

Blasto                                                   red                         black                     

Blasto                                                    black                      black                     

Car Wars                                              black                      black                     

Chisholm Trail                                    black                      black                     


Demolition Division                         green                    white                   

Division (Milliken)                            black                      black                     

Division (Milliken)                            green                    white                                   

Division 1 (Scott Foresman)         green                    white                   

Division 1(Scott Foresman)          black                      black                     

Early Learning Fun                           black                      black                     

Early Learning Fun                           green                    white                   

Early Learning Fun                           green                    black                     

Early Reading                                     green                    black                     

Early Reading                                     black                      black                     

Early Reading                                     green                    white                   

Football                                                black                      black                     

Football                                                red                         black                     

Hangman                                             black                      black                     

Hangman                                             red                         white                   

Home Financial Decisions             black                      black                     

Home Financial Decisions             mauve                  white                   

Home Financial Decisions             mauve                  black                     

Hopper                                                 red                         white                   

Household Budget                           black                      black                     

Household Budget                           mauve                  black                     

Household Budget                           mauve                  white                   


Hunt the Wumpus                           black                      black                     

Meteor Multiplication                    green                    white                   

Microsoft Multiplan                        purple                   white                   

Microsoft Multiplan                        purple                   black                     

Minus Mission                                   green                    white                   

Minus Mission                                   green                    black                     

Multiplication (Milliken)                 black                      black                     

Multiplication 1 (Scott F)               black                      black                     

Multiplication 1 (Scott F)               green                    black                     

Multiplication 1 (Scott F)               white                    white                   

Munchman                                         red                         black                     

Munchman                                         black                      black                     

Number Magic                                  green                    black                     

Number Magic                                  green                    white                   

Numeration 1                                    green                    white                   

Numeration 2                                    blue                       white                   

Othello                                                 black                      black                     

Othello                                                 red                         white                   

Othello                                                 red                         black                     

Parsec                                                   red                         black                     

Parsec                                                   purple                   black                     

Personal Real Estate                       black                      black                     

Personal Real Estate                       mauve                  white                   

Personal Real Estate                       black                      white                   

Personal Record Keeping              mauve black                     

Personal Record Keeping              black                      black                     

Personal Report Generator          mauve                  white                   

Scholastic Spelling Lev 3                 black                      black                     

Securities Analysis                           black                      black                     

Subtraction                                         black                      black                     

Tax/Investment Record                 black                      white                   

Tax/Investment Record                 black                      black                     

Terminal Emulator II                       black                      black                     

Terminal Emulator II                       mauve                  black                     

Terminal Emulator II                       mauve                  white                   

TI Invaders                                          black                      black                     

TI Writer                                              mauve                  white                   

TI Writer                                              black                      black                     

Tombstone City                                 black                      black                     

Tombstone City                                 red                         black                     

Touch Typing Tutor                         green                    black                     

Touch Typing Tutor                         black                      black                     

Touch Typing Tutor                         green                    white                   



Books and printed matter:

TI BASIC Reference Card                                                                2

TI Extended BASIC reference card                                             2             

Compute's First Book of TI Games                                            5             

How To Use the TI 99/4A Computer                                         5

TI 99/4A Favorite Programs Explained                                     5

TI 99/4A Game Programs                                                              5

SAMS: 24 BASIC Programs book + tape                                   10

SAMS: 51 Fun and Educational book + tape                           10



CASSETTES (just cassette and blank jewel box)


Pirate Adventure                                                                                             5

Oldies But Goodies I                                                                                       5

Oldies But Goodies II                                                                                      5

Beginner's BASIC Tutor                                                                                  5

Personal Financial Aids                                                                                  5

Market Simulation                                                                                           5

Teach Yourself BASIC                                                                                      5

Mission Impossible                                                                                         8



BOXED CARTS priced as marked.  Boxes may show wear and tear


Addition and Subtraction 1                                                                           6

Alpiner                                                                                                                 6

The Attack                                                                                                           6

Beginner’s BASIC Tutor (cassette)                                                             6

Blackjack and Poker                                                                                        6

Car Wars                                                                                                              5

Demolition Division                                                                                         6             

Football                                                                                                                6

Hangman                                                                                                             6

Household Budget Mgmt                                                                              3

Hunt the Wumpus                                                                                           6

Indoor Soccer                                                                                                    8

Laws of Arithmetic                                                                                           10

Market Simulation (cassette)                                                                      8

Meteor Multiplication                                                                                    1

Microsurgeon                                                                                                    10

Minus Mission                                                                                                   6

Moon Mine                                                                                                        8

Munchman                                                                                                         5

Music Maker                                                                                                      10

Mystery Melody                                                                                               8

Oldies But Goodies Games I (cassette)                                                    6

Othello                                                                                                                 8

Parsec                                                                                                                   8             

Personal Record Keeping                                                                              3

Programming Aids 1 (Cass)                                                                          8

Strange Odyssey (cassette, requires Adventure cart)                        10

Teach Yourself BASIC (cassette)                                                                 5

Teach Yourself BASIC (cassette, newer manual art)                            10

Tombstone City                                                                                                5

Touch Typing Tutor                                                                                         5

Video Chess                                                                                                       8

Video Graphs                                                                                                     8

ZeroZap                                                                                                               8

Edited by InfernalKeith
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