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Shadow of the Beast demake experiment

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Here is where things are currently:

I've been trying to come up with a more consistent looking style for the main character.  Walking and turning sprites reflect this, but not kneeling, jumping, punching, and climbing.


Map compression using an index of 6x6 blocks of cards is in place for the cave.  This significantly reduces the footprint, but unfortunately makes for a bit more difficult level design.  I've been using paint.net, and layers to help determine which block to use for each 6x6 section, the index of 6x6 blocks is just a really tall bitmap containing all the grams and each 6x6 block.  I've been (slowly) adapting the Amiga version's dungeon map, but also need to find the best way to adapt it to use these blocks to keep ROM usage at a minimum.   I still would prefer to come up with some more competent art and make the dungeon look more interesting, right now things just seem too basic.


Access to different areas from the overworld are now defined through tables, and I've added the well that can be accessed, although this currently does not use the map compression.

Different GRAMs can define based on position on maps, this works for transitioning from the forest to mountain areas, or in the cave to the statue.   These are all set in tables named gram_redefinition_*, although the spacing is currently hard coded for each area (overworld and underworld)

I have tables implemented to spawn enemies, although these still need some work as well.



sotb15.bas sotb15.rom sotb-metatiles.bmp sotb_dungeon.bmp

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This looks incredibly impressive. Unfortunately my only interaction of Shadow of the Beast has been recently when I got it for C64(GS) and I'm glad I did not get it before because I think I would have rage quit XD. You've probably made about as much as I can get in the game anyway so to me it already feels complete! Haha. 

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