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Twitch Q: capturing video sources.

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Hello, I am really close to capturing video on twitch.


First let me say that the Hauppaugr Rocket, or anything Hauppauge, has a hacky way of dealing with Macintoshes.


And the funny thing is I'm not using a Macintosh to broadcast the game because my cellular phone gets more data outbound than my home internet.  


Stream works for Android can only seem to capture the internal camera or the screenshot.  So probably between and honesty Cam and the game footage, it's a possible to split the Android screen because only one external input is allowed.


Luckily I'm doing decently on the Mac version of obs.  I said it the way I want then full screen on a second monitor and send the second monitor to a capture card.


When I first tried, I just a Hauppauge Rocket (which could capture, composite S-Video component and HDMI, and goes out to USB 2.0 and has a second HDMI output.) And at the easycap composite S-Video capture.  The EZ cap works with the Android.  I have on back order an easycap HDMI device.


for everything except scart I got everything I need in theory to capture including a VCR for converting NTSC RF into composite plus Stereo (or mono in 2 speakers).  However the Hauppauge seems kind of roundabout requiring extra steps and forcing lag, and using the home network which is draining the Wi-Fi device despite not receiving any data, because it requires a port to be tapped for it to work.


So I should probably get at least one more easycap HDMI.  I'll have to HDMI one for the Mac one for the Android, and a composite and S-Video capture.


If I want to totally avoid Hauppauge, and just stick to easycap which works driverless on Macintosh and Android, I need some options for 3 setups.  Two of them are related.


Upstairs I would like a solution for ntsc RF.  Let's just say I got a small 8 mm VCR, about half the width of a VHS machine at about significant but lesser depth and height cuts.  And that VCR might be too big.  plus one time it just spontaneously loads and loads and shuts off so I don't want to have to rely on this forever.


any solution for a compact way to convert ntsc RF to something that I could use with a in my capture cards.  I would prefer a direct to HDMI or one of the three Channel analogs, but composite is okay as a last resort.


I have an interesting device that I originally bought when my CRT TV didn't have an S video plug.  Back then I was trying to get my games to work and I didn't want to drop down to composite.  I found this one device called a video to VGA adapter.  Which has 3 video inputs, one of them VGA, the other two composite an S-Video.  this is an active converter with a small push button interface and requires power to be used from an outside source.   It also has a VGA output.


Luckily I bought HDMI to VGA converters, hoping that the converter takes less than 1 millisecond to converts between HDMI and VGA,.  if that's the case then I'll buy myself quite a bit of ping time compared to Native HDMI because I've never seen a CRT TV accept HDMI. I don't think any CRT TV has an HDMI interface.  The best you could do is VGA.


Also I came upon scart hookups for a few systems that supports cart, all for Sega machines, (includes both Genesis versions) and the Super NES are probably be all the systems that could be done without modding a system.  Also I bought an S-Video / composite / RCA audio scart female scart male adapter.


First away I heard you could test to see if the adapters for the consoles are truly skirt and not the jp21 adapters without risking frying and equipment is a plug the scart cable in one end and use that adapter to lead out composite if it plays on my TV that is correct if nothing happens good or bad then we know we got to jp21.  also extract out the audio so that I can pipe it to the capture card without requiring separate audio outputs.


Someone told me that RCA based RGB, scart based RGB, and VGA RGB are different expressions of the same language, meaning any one of them could understand any one of the other them with a passive adapter.  Is that true?


And I understand even though physically the same RCA Based ypbpr is a different language of color.  I also bought a device, a mayflash VGA / ypbpr 2 way converter.


I noticed it was both a VGA input and VGA output.  How would I be able to tell if that video to VGA device could take a VGA input again assuming the 3-3 channel RGB forms are the same, and all use "regular TVs" which have  a refresh rate of 15 kHZ, could I use at VGA to VGA adapter to effectively convert 15 kilohertz to hire kilohertz standards of VGA monitors?  


While I'm at it is there such a thing as either a VGA input for a Mac around 2012 and uses OS 10.12?  Or would a VGA to HDMI converter be more acceptable?  I guess if easycap makes VGA to USB adapters it would work.


By the way sorry for giving a long laundry list,. All these don't have to be fulfilled.  Assuming the video to VGA adapter does what it says,. All I really need is something for. NTSC RF that won't take up much,  and something for VGA to my Mac, either a VGA to USB directly that's easycap compatible or VGA to HDMI adapter and use a second easycap HDMI for that.


by the way my Mac Mini has a thunderbolt 1 adapter which I heard is the same speed as( just physically different) and adaptable to USB C 3.1? I do have a thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 cable and thunderbolt 2 is physically the same as thunderbolt 1.  Just giving you another option to think about.


Finally I understand for light gun games, I have to go downstairs and make one path as short as possible to the TV.  And yes I understand VGA monitors cannot play light gun games or Sega Master System Sega scope games, but the pain level is like that of a VCR, enough to throw a light game off but nothing much beyond that in terms of ping time.  So don't go using the RGB on the CRT TV because you have to translate it to ypbpr anyway and that's adding a VCR to the chain.



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Sorry this was just a long ranch trying to figure out what exactly I needed before I looked on eBay or Amazon.  I think I know what I need now.


1. An ntsc RF to VGA adapter.  One that significantly smaller in size then my 8 mm VCR.

2. Either a VGA to USB easycap adapter or VGA to HDMI and buy a second easycap USB capture card.

3. A component to easycap USB adapter, or a second YPbPr RCA to VGA adapter.


I don't know how to erase this so, mine's go ahead erase this.  If I can't find something I'll come back and repost on a new topic.


by the way earlier I tried to significantly shortened it but the shortening didn't register.

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