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19 hours ago, stupus said:

Got a chance to open my deluxe odyssey zombie outbreak set tonight.......oh my god!!! it is hands down the most impressive homebrew item i have ever received!!!!! I think this is the most anticipation i have had opening a package since childhood Christmas!

This is a work of art! And it will be forever a much cherished piece in my collection!!

I am floored MCA!!!! You have outdone yourself!!! BRAVO!!!! This is quite a feat of effort! Best thing to come out of the pandemic imo!! Lol

Cant thank you enough!! :) :)

Very much look forward to more!

Thanks Stupus, I'm glad you are happy with it!

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4 hours ago, Captain_Combat said:

When you get a chance go ahead and ship my game. You probably forgot about it.

I'm sorry, you asked me to wait to ship it because you were out of town and I forgot. Thanks for reminding me, it will go out Monday. 

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All reserved games have been shipped and there is only 3 copies left as of today so I will be listing them on other sites soon. Thanks for everyone for supporting me in my homebrew series and keep an eye out for the next one hopefully before the end of the year. If you subscribed to this thread, I will post a link here when it is time.


The overseas packages seem to be delayed quite a bit, but hopefully you all should receive them soon. I am going to wait a few more weeks before I announce the contest to give everyone a chance to get their games. The contest winner will receive my FREE (except for shipping) Percepts reproduction game including my own custom designed box and bonus material.  I'm making a small run of 10 of these (may make more if people want them) My intention was to give the first one away to the contest winner. Then there is 3 more missions that will be released periodically (maybe every 6 months) in the form of free downloads. These games were designed in advance and built into your content (you probably wont even realize they are there until you get the mission files)

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