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Fairchild Channel F Video Whizball cart sold for over $900

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Yeah we were all confused by this in the channel F thread. You can get a full fairchild library for the same price. 


It is one of the rarer ones, and it looked nice enough. Worth that much? Don't know. Bare in mind that is two buyers who bidded over 900 too. Is it fishy? Don't know. 


Usually goes for 50-100

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Most of the stimulus checks have probably been squandered in a similar fashion. There's been a lot of ridiculous price spikes lately. Gamecube stuff in general has been going up, up, up. That 2 pack currently at 5 Grand with 10 hours to go? All that just for one flimsy cardboard outer box for common games? No way more of those don't suddenly turn up soon. It's like that Sonic Adventure 2-pack that went a long, long time without popping up until recently, went for an insane amount, and now there's plenty of overpriced copies listed.


What's really amazing to see is the new demand for the fitness boards with games. You couldn't give those away a few months ago.

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Slightly off-topic, but I hope resellers don't spike up their prices after the stimulus checks are over. The last thing someone who's building a collection needs is a price spike from stupid people. 



Maybe those we're fake bids from the seller? I've seen listings that are at unreasonable prices so people don't buy them right now.

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