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FS: SPACE RAID for the Mattel Intellivision

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I am happy to announce that programmer Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez AKA "nanochess" has agreed to allow a release of a limited run of 50 SPACE RAID cartridges for the Mattel Intellivision.


Please note this is a loose game cartridge ( in a brand new LTO-style shell ) with a small black and white label and it also comes with a 4-page black-and-white basic manual.


I have these for sale starting today, May 4, 2020. Once the 50 cartridges sell, no more are going to be made.


Perhaps you missed out on this fantastic game when it was first released in 2014. Now is your chance!


Price is $25 and ( and shipping )


More information at:






thank you,


Tim D.


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@ ARCADEJUNKIE and @ Sapico


Intellivision revolution has dropped 3 of the cartridges that were on reserve...


they have become available


I have sold one and 2 of the 3  cartridges remain   - I will send you a P.M. with ordering information






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Sounds like a job for.... The Lonely Carts Club!🦸‍♂️


But in all seriousness, I wouldn't mind one as well.

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