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I Finished my 8th complete US library today!

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I was going through craigslist today during some down time at work and someone had 8 magnavox odyssey 2 games, half boxed,  half loose asking $80. Which was about $60-65 more than they were worth. However one of those loose games was eletronic table soccer. Which was the only game keeping me from the complete library. I know I've been wondering how eletronic table soccer has taken me over a decade a find or pick up. So I gladly paid him his ransom. I think my next one will be Genesis because I'm down to less than 2 dozen left. But who knows how long that will take.  Especially since the last time I found one I still needed was either end of 2018 or beginning of 19. Anyway here's a pic. I'm still missing 3 boxes and 7 manuals that I'll hopefully find some day.20200505_004225.thumb.jpg.9d13d6cf5e0a828e62f35ed7148a6da5.jpg

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2 hours ago, Blazing Lazers said:

Congrats on the accomplishments! What other sets do you have, out of curiosity?

Sega 32x


Atari 7800

Sega cd

Sega dreamcast

Nintendo Virtual boy

Entex Select-a-game

Magnavox odyssey 2

Gotten in that order. I'm partial to sega if you couldn't tell. I'm also really close to the genesis and saturn. But saturn has gotten beyond insane so I prob won't finish that one.  Unless the market crashes and I can pick panzer dragon for under a 100 but i don't see that happening. 


To the other question I need boxes for monkeyshines, smithereens and eletronic table soccer. The manuals are the 3 boxes I also need then computer intro. I need the whole spiral binder book that went with it. Power lords, pick axe pete. I think there might be another one I need I'll have to look when I get home from work. 

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12 hours ago, 0078265317 said:

Did the table soccer have a manual also.

No soccer was loose along with baseball and football. The 3 board games are thunderball, pocket billards and match maker. The 3 boxed games did have the manual.


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