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Atari 8 Bit and Atari ST Bluray Disk

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Do you guys remember the Atari 8 Bit and Atari ST Bluray disk that I created years ago? I found one of the disks from way back when I created them 2 years ago (maybe 3) and put it online on my BBS. The BBS is called Spy Visits Spy BBS II, if you had a password on the other BBS , Spy Visits Spy BBS then the password file has been copied over from the first BBS, and is available at telnet://spyvisitsspybbs.com port 1993, is running on a Windows 10 32 Bit machine has 32 bit online games but does not have 16 bit online games. If you want those, go to the first one on my XP machine at telnet://spyvisitsspybbs.com port 1990. Both BBSs are active and will be updated daily.


Russ Campbell


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