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FS: Lotharek Hydra 8 SCART Automatic Switcher **SOLD**

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This one:




It handles 8 SCART inputs and has a really cool "knight rider" light effect as it is scanning for sources. The light can be turned off and the selections can be done manually as well. This was super convenient as I had an Amiga, STe, and three other SCART devices connected to this and then out to my OSSC, and all I needed to do was turn on said machine and bingo...it was right up on the TV. Since I sold everything off that uses SCART (except for one thing that is not plugged directly into the OSSC) I no longer need the switcher.


I know this is near impossible to get now due to the COVID-19 issue and if you can order it you have to pay extreme shipping as Poland is not running their postal service at this time.


But, I have it, and it is mint. It typically ran around $155 shipped for it before the pandemic from Poland. Now, it is much more as the shipping costs are way high. I am selling mine for $140 $130 shipped and I will include a high quality 6FT SCART cable along with it.


PM if interested.












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37 minutes ago, Killjoyy27 said:

How’s the compatibly with the framiester any idea ? I am assuming no issues but figured I ask.

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No issues. It is just a SCART switcher....albeit a really really NICE SCART switcher ;)


I have also used it with the OSSC and the RGB2COMP....works as you would want it to.


I am also still in need of some semi-common to not so common Jaguar games that I would be willing to trade for this. What I need off of the top of my head (although I am sure there are more):


Ultra Vortek


Attack of the Mutant Penguins

Air Cars

Atari Karts


Total Carnage

Soccer Kid


and a bunch more....yeah...I need a few. If you have any carts (loose carts with decent labels are fine) and want to make a trade PM me a list of what you have that you are willing to part with! Even a spare working Jag console (just a console) would work...always good to have a spare ;)

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