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Using 2 or more if statements in the same line.

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  if player1y<76 then e=14 : if f{1} then e=13



  if player1y<76 then e=14
  if player1y<76 && f{1} then e=13


Both of these examples seem to work perfectly fine in my code. The top example uses less memory.


But I have been advised to never use 2 or more if statements on the same line.




Is it because it's generally bad practice and can lead to confusing code?


Or does it actually cause a glitch and make the game crash upon reading? Because in terms of memory usage, if the top line reads correctly every time, obviously it would be preferable.





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I actually didn't know you could do that, but the first example would be split up on several lines like this


 if player1y>=76 then skip


 if f{1} then e=13



It's easier to read, especially if you add more stuff or if statements down the line.

You might want to try this instead btw

if f{1} then e=13 else e=14 


Another good thing is that it's more similar to the assembly it turns into, if you do this..


 if player1y>=76 then skip

 if !f{1} then a


 goto skip





you're pretty much writing assembly

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The bB page says these things:


"Using multiple if…thens in a single line might not work correctly if you are using boolean operators."


"If you use || in an if…then statement, the statement must be located at the beginning of a line. At this time, compilation will succeed but your program will probably not work correctly. This issue will probably be fixed in a later version."


"The else keyword might not work correctly in a statement containing &&. The else keyword may also not work as expected when there is more than one if…then on a single line."

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