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Hello, is it possible to use any light gun from the first generation on other first gen consoles? Do I have to be sure they use the same chip? I'm specifically curious about the Venture Electronics VS-7, Monteverdi TV Sports 825, Coleco Telstars Ranger and Marksman, and maybe Radioshack TV Scoreboard. I'd like to play on the Venture and Monteverdi on two TVs, and offer people their "choice of weapon."


Pictured: gun port on VS-7, Telstar Ranger, Telstar Marksman, Monteverdi gun, Radioshack TV Scoreboard. 




s-l400 (9).jpg

s-l400 (10).jpg

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You're asking so I'm assuming you have two CRT displays.


The important part as you've said, is you open the consoles see they are both GI's AY-3-8500 and you're good to go.


You'll follow the lines back to see which is the -neg, +pos, input line and confirm the wiring matches on both,  or while you've got them open you can decide to wire them so they match (if they didn't).


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As Voxel wrote, you need a CRT TV to be able to play with the light gun games on these old game consoles.


Both Radio Shack TV Scoreboard and Coleco Telstar Ranger uses a GI AY-3-8500-1 but the Coleco Telstar Marksman

uses a GI AY-3-8512 but it's uses the same light gun as the GI AY-3-8500-1. The Venture Electronics VS-7 uses a

Mos Technology (not MOSTEK) MPS-7600-001 but can uses a AY-3-8500-1 light gun but you need to check the

pins how it's wired.


Light gun usually takes 4 pins: Voltage source (5-6V DC), ground, trigger and hit pulse. Check the schematic:




Oh...there is an error on this schematic, the trigger pin (or shot) is #26 and the hit pin is #27 on the AY-3-8500-1.


And here's the schematic of the AY-3-8512:




Hit is pin #7 and Shot is pin #6 or check post:


And as for the MPS-7600-001, i have it noted somewhere on paper (need to find it).


Hope this helps.




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