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On 2/19/2021 at 1:31 PM, Asmusr said:

Anyway, here's a cartridge image of you program, so that FinalGROM owners don't have to use E/A to load it. 🙂

snp8.bin 64 kB · 9 downloads

Can you convert the final version for me?

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NEW update for SNP from version 1.1 to 1.2

This corrects a couple of issues:


If you were to load up SNP and even though the Page at the top right says PAGE 1, it wasn't making it to PAGE 1 IF you pressed the CTRL I import CART key OR if you did an import from CLASSIC99.

So i was able to correct those two things.


here is the latest version 1.2 08/11/21

use editor assembler options 3 LOAD AND RUN DSK#.SNP  and program name is SNP

sorry for that error. it should work better now!



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An example of importing from windows notepad using SNP
in classic 99.
This was the fix I did the other day.
The only catch is that only 1 SNP page can be handled at this time, so if you have more than 840 characters of  notepad text then it will overwrite to the top of the current SNP page and not extend to the next page. Darn it... but for now, just copy and paste to each SNP page individually from your windows notepad.
It's better than having no import function.. for now.

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On 8/13/2020 at 12:29 PM, 9640News said:

Rather than writing DIS/VAR 80 files, or some other record format, you could setup your PAB to save a block of memory say something like 4K or 8K as a Program Image file. Your filename could be the construed as the "Project name" & "Bank Order#", so something like SUPER001 to SUPER255.  That way, one PAB call after copying the data to VDP, and you save a whole block at one time.  Then, when you go to load the project, you are loading the Filename "SUPER" which could be the "control" block that lets your program know how many blocks you have and any other pertinent details you may want to have to load.





I'm a little late on replying to this, back during this process stuff was happening fast. I did eventually lean on this plan and it worked beautifully. Exactly as you mentioned. Thx so much

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