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PC disk drive on Amiga (need help)

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Anyone been successful getting the Chinon FZ-354 DS/DD 3.5" diskette drive working on an Amiga? If so, I don't suppose you could clue me in to as how you did it, could you?


I've have two of the Japanese version of the FZ-354 and so far I've tried two different configurations:


One with just J2 soldered closed.


And the other with J18 closed and J20 open (J2 was left alone on this one).


Both drives have their jumpers set to:



I'm trying to get either one of them working as DF0: on a stock Amiga 2000.


So far, I've read every page in the following forum and no go (that's where the advice on soldering pins together came from):



And, yes, I have a couple of working Amiga Gotek drives. However, I still like using diskettes.

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