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Battlezone is fantastic

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I haven't played this game in many years, and decided to give it a go.  I never realized how many good things there are about this cart:

1) Music at the beginning

2) The sound effects are soft and not annoying

3) No HMOVE lines on the left, which is rare for a non-Activision game

4) Rapid gameplay.  The games can be very short, but very satisfying.

5) The ability to have 2 enemies on screen at the same time-- and they can collide

6) Detailed mountain graphics

7) You have a high-def tank

8) That explosion graphic is amazing-- did you ever notice that it fades in slowly?


Even the flying saucers give a fun little extra to the game to be like "well, should I waste one more shot on this thing?  I mean, I really could be shot from behind".

I'm just surprised to have this good of gameplay and graphics for a 1983 Atari release.


I put in Robot Tank after the fact, and, it honestly felt like "more is less".  Oddly, Battlezone seems to be really good at what it is.  I'll admit that I'm surprised.


It would be really fun to play this head-to-head on 2 TVs.


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The game surprised me a couple of weeks ago....


It usually takes a couple of games to get in the groove and make it to the super tanks.  Eventually I ended up with a super tank at 12 and one at my 6.  The tank that was behind me fired and I dodged its shot, which was headed directly for the tank ahead of me. 


The tank in front backed up just in time for the other super tank's shot to miss it.


I thought "got him now" and fired at the tank that had just dodged.  It dodged my shot exactly as it had done with the shot of the other tank and I was so flummoxed by what I'd just witnessed I barely noticed as the tank behind me destroyed my last tank. =D


Good stuff.

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I think the graphics are definitely great for a 2600 release. It was a interesting take on the vector/wire graphics of the arcade game, but it pulls it off. The difference in graphical style doesn't change the fact that it is still fun to play.
Also, thanks to whoever made the sounds for the game and didn't make the tank moving sound completely loud/annoying!

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I recall liking Battlezone a lot right at my first play 20 yrs ago, (which is a late start even then)


Battlezone usually enjoy it a bit more then Robot Tank, one reason is that unpredictabilty of Battlezones gameplay, and those awesome LARGE tanks. :)


Robot Tank, I really like the weather changes, and simple controls... but once the speed up kicks in, my end game is ALMOST always the same number of tanks, regardless of how well I'm playing. :o


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