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SOLD: Disk Drive LDW SUPER 2000

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Hi all,
Selling my Super LDW 2000 disk drive.
It's in very poor visual condition as has been dropped during shipping by the courier - the metal casing is bent at the rear, also it's scratched all over.
I had this drive for the past 20 years if not more. I had it shipped from Poland to UK (Scotland) together with some other stuff, that's when the damage occured.
Originally planned on getting this back to full working condition, but during the quarantine I decided to reduce my collection for all the things I am not using.
It's just the drive - no cables or power adapter. It was working years ago, I do not know if it's still working - All the insides look OK and the drive was working last time I was using it... which, admitedly, was about 10 years ago. I am not sure what happened to the original power supply, however last time I was using this with a home-made one.
Because of the condition the drive is in, selling as is, parts or repairs.
Open to offers, swaps also considered - particularly for 65XE/800XE RAM expansions 
this is the ebay listing for it, unfortunately it was won by a 0 feedback account created on the day, which means I'm not getting paid for it. Before I relist this on ebay, maybe someone wants it here.
Can relist on ebay if asked (still need to wait 4-5 more days from now before ebay lets me relist).

the LDW2000 is the European equivalent of the LDW CA2001 LDW CA2002 and basically an Indus GT clone - from what I read what works with Indus GT works with this. 



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item sold

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