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T40XB and T80XB

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Thought it would be good to make a new thread where these programs can be easily found.


First is T40XB which is much more powerful compared to the earlier version. Now you can specify a window on the screen where text will be printed or inputted. Word wrap can be used when printing text. You can load fonts used by the G32 screen, the T40 screen, and the T40 inverted  character font. This can now be a second font that you can use simultaneously with the first.


The zipped file contains T40XB, the documents for T40XB, and a folder containing the 60 fonts that will be used in XB 2.8 G.E.M.

Here is a program that loads and displays all 60 fonts from DSK8. Notice that they are loaded to the inverted font location and the text is printed with PRINTI. This lets you have 2 different fonts on the screen at the same time.

10 CALL LINK("T40")
20 FOR I=32 TO 127 :: A$=A$&CHR$(I):: NEXT I
30 CALL LINK("PRINTI",24,1,A$)
35 CALL LINK("PRINTI",24,1,"The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.")
40 FOR I=1 TO 60
60 CALL KEY(0,K,S):: IF S<1 THEN 60

Let me know if there are bugs in T40XB or if the docs need additional work.


(Edit) - The docs refer to enabling gram at >6000. That was disabled for XB 2.8 G.E.M. and so it will not do anything. I will re-enable it and repost the program. Also, you will see that many of the 60 fonts are not suitable for text mode because they need an 8x8 grid to look right



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41 minutes ago, senior_falcon said:

I assume you mean T80XB? Will be ready in a few days.

Excellent!  I'll be waiting!  Thanks!

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