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Another new project on AtariOnline.pl; binary available...


Dude Story - WIP (Google Translated)


d1.png.164032aee5e6a82b6272e5b217aa9b89.png      d2.png.6113dda2f034d0d1447677412cf70790.png      d3.png.a8d74809445192c83b88bb680b61dac0.png


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Thanks for share the info. It's my new game project, but it's very early WIP. It will be game with a big world, and big adventure scenario.
I wanted to show only some graphics, and hero's animation of walk in that world.

This is Dude walking:

I think the game will be ready in a few months, or in about a year.

I attach here the same file as I attached on atarionline.pl

This WIP is in Polish only, but when the game will be ready, then it will be available in English too.
Addidionaly there is a movie from that xex:



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Yeah, loving the look of this. It looks almost like an animated cartoon. Very cool!

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