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Puck Man (Pac Man Demake for the Magnavox Odyssey)

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In celebration of the 40th anniversary (can you believe its today!?) of the original Puck/Pac man location testing, on 22nd of May 1980, I am releasing my latest Magnavox Odyssey homebrew


Puck Man!


With everything going on the Odyssey homebrew scene, and myself ordering a set of multicards for the system I hadn't had time to focus on my own projects, but this was one I was inadvertently started recently, thinking about what other games could be done with the limitations of the system. I also wanted to poke a little fun at what kind of game could be multiplayer but potentially socially distancing compliant (an oxymoron?!) The Odyssey controllers have fairly long wires, so you could actually do this... This may also be the first 3 player Odyssey game (quote me if I'm wrong!)


I've attached the ruleset, some overlays (including an enlarged version) and the "accessory" you will need to attach to something so you can use it as a pointer to indicate the position of Puck Man. This is a little bit of fun, so not to be taken too seriously! As this is a licensed franchise of Namco, I will not be selling any copies of this. There is other users who do produce physical copies of homebrew who might be able to make one for you at cost, as long as they make it clear the price is to produce the box and overlay, and not the sale of Namco's owned content. Pac man is a trademark of Namco, blady blah blah etc you get the picture.


* PS: With the above stuff going on and Ramadan still ongoing, I've had to rush some of this. I have also moved from windows 8 to 10 with a new laptop, and switched from openoffice to Office2019 (wow, I feel human again!) I also tried to manually make a maze, but realised it would be better to just use a grid based program to "paint" a maze with objects. This also means I can adapt and include a number of mazes quickly, which I might well do in a few days for some maze variation. Some of what I've uploaded might need tidying up so I will attempt to do that too. I have not tested the sizes yet on a real tv, but followed the same sizing as my other homebrew game. I will check into real sizes another time, but wanted this out before the day was done!

Puck Man Accessory.png

Puck Man Overlay enlarged.png

Puck Man Overlay.png

Puck Man square image enlarged.png

Puck Man square image.png

Puck Man (Odyssey) Demake.odt

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I'll see if I can convince the wife and son to play while I hold the pac man character XD next time the odyssey is booted up for sure. I just don't think my son would keep to the boundaries of the walls :)

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