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Sophia 2 - improved GTIA replacement

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I do not understand why the video starts to bug on horizontal scrolls after about half an hour, and unfortunately I cannot test the Sofia2 on another A8 Pal at the moment.

My 130XE Pal that I use basically had almost all of the Ram and EMMU out of order (bought non-functional on ebay), I changed them and with a stroke of luck the 130XE to restart.
Now I wonder if there can be other problems with capacitors or resistors, the CPU too, it's a C014806-12 MEXICO, I read somewhere that some CPU of this type tends to heat up too much,

I find it indeed very hot, which could make it crash, and that it is better to privilege the C014806C-29 ATARI which is of better quality.

I also specify that my 130XE is equipped with an Ultimate 1Mb and a Pokeymax v2 and that I use the power supply from the Lotharek store which is 3A 15w.

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I ordered 2 Sophia's for Atari 130xe, one seems ok but does not work DVI on some monitors, VGA working well.
But another Sophia shows the wrong colors, or not all time computer starts. no setting changed. 

Socket is ok. Is there anything to check?



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Yesterday I asked (in the wrong thread) how to install Sophia 2 inside an XE machine without case modifications, in order to keep the case intact. 

I finally used the aperture just above the ECI. I had no problems using Syscheck to increase memory and use alternative OSROMs while using the new DVI output. 

I'll need a box to house the DVI connector, but for now I'm okay. I was able to keep the metallic shield, as well. 

So my new 130xe is almost untouched, except for the socket I had to install. 

So happy 😊 



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Is it normal that the R38 (500K) trimmer no longer has any influence on the color if the Sophia2 is installed?

Not even on the analog outputs (S-Video and Composite)

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It's no longer needed - GTIA I believe uses internal delay taps to generate the phase shift of for the colour which is an imprecise method and why the trimmer was included.

Sophia - for the modern monitor digital and RGB analog standards it's irrelevant.  For the legacy video I would assume there's probably some sort of internal PLL or precise method to generate the required timing so making the trimmer superfluous.

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