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Colecovision HSC Season 13 - Round 11 - Donkey Kong Jr. - 3 Screen Challenge

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Round 11 Season 13




 3 Screen Challenge (More Madness)


Game Information

Game Name: Donkey Kong Jr.

Released by: Arcade: Nintendo 1982. CV: Coleco/CBS 1983.

Settings: Skill 1

CV HSC High Score: Skill 1 - First time playing the 3 Screen Challenge for DK Jr. in the CV HSC.

Manual: http://www.colecovisionzone.com/photos/game/manual/dk%20jr%20manual.pdf


3 Screen Challenge Rules: Play on Skill 1. Play the first 3 Screens  only. Do not advance to Screen 4. Get as many points as you can using all 5 lives. Simply play until the timer runs out for each life on the first 3 Screens. Drop fruit on the snapjaws, jump over the snapjaws but only on the FIRST 3 Screens! 


DK Jr. 3 Screen Challenge Bonus Points: Play the game & post a score= +3

Score 6,000= +2, Score 12,000= +3, Score 18,000= +4, Score 24,000= +5, Score 32,000= +7, Score 40,000= +10, Score 50,000(?) & up= +12

Break or set a new CV HSC High Score= +10


Round Ends: Tuesday June 2nd at Noon (PST) 3pm (EST)


Everyone who posts a score throughout the season will be entered into a drawing at seasons end for a special prize!


The same rules and scoring system that have been used the past few seasons will be in play this season as well. Season 12 rules: http://atariage.com/...1-cv-hsc-rules/



Good Luck!

Final Donkey Kong Jr. - 3 Screen Challenge Scores

  1)53,200 DuggerVideoGames +3 +12 +10 :-o

  2)52,100 Bmack36 +3 +12

  3)47,600 ed1475 +3 +10

  4)43,600 chuckwalla +3 +10

  5)41,200 NCG +3 +10

  6)40,100 fakecortex +3 +10

  7)37,900 jblenkle +3 +7

  8)33,800 roadrunner  +3 +7

  9)33,500 Mangia-Boy  +3 +7

10)32,900 digress +3 +7

11)26,600 zaphro72 +3 +5

12)  9,700 DarthCloud +3 +2


Round 11 Totals - Including Bonus Points

  1){125} DuggerVideoGames

  2){113} Bmack36

  3){102} ed1475

  4) {95}  chuckwalla

  5) {90}  NCG

  6) {88}  fakecortex

  7) {81}  jblenkle 

  8)  {74}  roadrunner

  9) {73}  Mangia-Boy

10) {70}  digress

11) {58}  zaphro72

12) {23}  DarthCloud


Season Standings - After 11 Rounds

  1)1014 Bmack36

  2)  834 DuggerVideoGames

  3)  780 NCG

  4)  608 jblenkle

  5)  473 zaphro72

  6)  453 ed1475

  7)  441 fakecortex

  8)   435 chuckwalla 

  9)  277 roadrunner

10)  275 digress

11)  135 Mangia-Boy

12)  132 S.BAZ 

13)  113 Sneakyturtleegg  

14)  105 bowlstir   

15)    87 Player One

16)    45 DarthCloud

17)    35 Serguei2

18)     3  BatmanVsCatwoman



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Get as many points as you can, anyway you can using all 5 lives on the first 3 screens.  Under the S next to Bonus on the right side of the screen should show 03 to indicate the 3rd screen. Hope all of you have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend and remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may still enjoy our Colecovisions!


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So tough to not win the 3rd screen. 






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2 minutes ago, Mangia-Boy said:


Sorry, I think I understood something wrong. I thought screen 3 is the trampoline level for the first time.

Please delete my score.

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48,600 pts!  I think 50k is possible, but you need to be lucky enough to have several of them killed by the same fruit multiple times.  I'm regularly hitting about 42k the last few times.




DK Jr 3-screen 48,600 pts.jpg

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41,200. Finally got some time for some CV Jr. action. I wasn't sure if 50k was possible I guess we will find out. Dam close Dugger and some other good scores as well!



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Please, help him save his papa!



Popped this one in just a little bit ago during the DK Jr. week of the NES HSC. Definitely more playable than the 2600 version, haha. I like the different nature of this challenge!

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Harder to control Jr and manipulate snapjaws than in the NES version, but I am enjoying this challenge a lot. I like playing video games in untraditional ways. I like how Mario looks like Crocodile Dundee...although this came out first, so...inspiration? 🤔😄




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29 minutes ago, Bmack36 said:


He did it! Nice! So what's everyone strategy here? I tried to spend some extra lives on stage 2, but didn't end up with as much as when I spent all my extras on stage 3. Of course, trying to hit multiple guys with one fruit is a no brainer (and easier said than done).

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53,200 pts.  Finally did it!  If you get close to 7k (I sometimes had over 7k and as much as 7,300) on the first stage, you're giving yourself a good chance if you're lucky enough to get multiple baddies with single fruits later.  I recommend saving all of your lives for stage 3 and hoping luck is on your side on the 3rd stage.




DK Jr 3-screen 53,200 pts.jpg

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