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Ramdisk on drive B?

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Are there any ramdisk programs for the Atari ST that can install the ramdisk as drive B?


Recently I've been using Fcopy Pro to try to read stuff off old disks. I wish I could just write the data either onto my hard drive or a ramdisk. Neither of those are options are in Fcopy. The only choice is to write to drive B.


My Mega STe only has one floppy (drive A), so I wondered if any clever programmers had ever devised a way to make the RAMdisk pretend to be drive B.

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Nobody (clever) made Ramdisk B: - because B is reserved for floppy drive. C is used mostly. Or some higher letter.

You have hard drive, according to your post, so I don't see why need Ramdisk. Just copy files to hard disk, some folder.

Btw. Fcopy Pro is not intended for such thing.

Here can find some floppy utils for Atari, near bottom of page:  http://atari.8bitchip.info/floimgd.php

There is disk copy program, with option to create disk images (and that's what people should do now) TRACC .

And file copy program with Ramdisk COPYACC .


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