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Unisource Catalogues

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The situation with the Unisource catalogues on WHT seems to be as follows, as far as I can tell:


1) There is a 101 page good monochrome scan of a catalogue copyright 1983

2) There is a relatively good quality 92 page colour scan of the Fall 1984 catalogue.

3) There are two separate files containing poorer quality colour scans of the Fall 1984 catalogue (evidently a different specimen from #2).  At the end of one of these, a very poor scan of a Spring 1985 price list is appended.  Difficult to read, but still valuable.

4) There is a nine page PDF containing the cover and index from the Fall 1984 catalogue.  This is from the same scan as #3. 

5) There is a 16 page monochrome scan (one colour page interleaved) of an August 1985 Summer catalogue. 


So in summary, that amounts to:


- A good 1983 catalogue (if copyright date reflects date of publication). 

- A good, complete Fall 1984 catalogue (identified as such in the text).

- A nearly unreadable Spring 1985 price list (identified as such in the text).

- A good but monochrome (save one page) August 1985 Summer catalogue (identified as such in the text).


Does anyone have or know of any other Unisource catalogue or price list (or other) documents besides these which might survive?  Or for that matter, know of better versions?


These catalogues use very small text, so even in the best case scenarios above, we're still dealing with this kind of thing (i.e., readable, but OCR will be poor):




And in the worst case scenarios, we're dealing with this:




(i.e., only discernible if you really know what you're looking for)


But they're an invaluable resource.  Does anyone have other digital copies or Unisource materials?  Or for that matter, surviving physical originals?



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If I remember correctly, the reason for two different Fall 1984 catalogs was that there was one complete catalog and one catalog update. The price lists were usually a separate document to make it easier to reflect changing prices without having to reprint the whole catalog.

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Well, Summer 1985 catalogue was seemingly only 16 pages, so evidently they weren't all that long.  But honestly, *anything* you have would be invaluable.  Even one of the things of which a scan already exists.  Given all scans (or not so much the scans as their resolution and compression) are poor to very poor, to date. 


Digitising/Scanning can be pretty arduous work (I should know - I'm a digital resources librarian), so not something that can be expected of anyone.  But anything that is possible is hugely appreciated. 

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