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Found an Amazing find in the wrong case

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I found this working real early mother Board of the TI-99/4A computer in a really high serial number case.

Someone at one time must of wanted a nicer case and place their old mother board in to it. I am taking scans and pictures of this very early

computer. This is the Earliest TI-99/4A I have ever came across.

I went to clean the cartridge slot since it acted like it was a little dirty. Anyways I saw a date code on it 8149. I thought this was strange to see.

Then the wiring color was off and I thought well maybe they did it different on 1983 computer since that the date code on the case for mid part of 1983.

Then I open it and to my surprise it this really old mother board. I wish Now I had the matching case so I could have a real complete early dated TI-99/4A computer. I have the Regular TI-99/4 computer but I have never seen a TI-99/4A computer with 1981 chips. I am guessing in 1981 not many of the TI-99/4A computers sold that year. Ok I am attaching 2 pics and will attach more later. I feel strange now sticking such an early mother board back in to

a later version case. Does anyone know where I could get just an early case to place a computer like this into. Sure there has to be early version computers that are broken and I can stick this working one into it case.









Pic 1 of early TI99 4A computer.jpg

pic 2 of very early TI-99 4A computer.jpg

Pic 3 of early TI-99 4A computer.jpg

Pic 4 TI 99 4A cartridge holder.jpg

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