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Hi, all!


I remember a little game called (german) "Eimerkette". It was published as BASIC source in one of the home computer magazines. I might be wrong, but it could have been "Happy Computer". It was a bit like a "Go" game. You have to fill up buckets until they swallow their content to the bucktes in the neighborhood.


Is there any chance to get that listing / program downloaded off of any disk floating around?




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Posted (edited)

I took the liberty of translating the rules from the screenshots into english, via google translate:

First image:
bucket chain


In this game, stones are alternately placed on the game board.
you can only occupy empty or your own fields.
If the maximum number of documents is exceeded, the field overflows and its contents pour onto the neighboring fields

press a button

Second image:

this is the field when 2 stones are on 2a and 3 on field 4c.
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I saw this game not long ago on a Turbo Pascal Disk as a conversion to Turbo Pascal 99.


Inspired by Jrhode's translation, I translated the Turbo Pascal version completely into English and posted it in the tp99 Challenge forum on post #79.




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