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help repairing intellivsion

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I bought an intellivision 1 on ebay about two years ago and when i tested it it didn't work. i attempted to repair it and couldn't do it. I even removed the shielding and checked the board. I have no clue what im really doing do I decided to send some pictures. I cleaned it and couldn't figure out what was wrong. it has black screen with interference when i tried booting it up. I originally got nothing and thought the rf switchbox was broken but the cable was so i used and yellow double ended composite wire and tested it then i got the black screen. I know the box and cable works because i tested it on my model 1 genesis. anyway, let me know if you guys see the problem. Thanks!













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Posted (edited)

Without much more to go by than what you posted and these pics...


That big orange spot on the PCB is most likely your problem.  There are two transistors there that have a history of burning out and causing exactly what you are seeing .


But before that... PLEASE do not test old electronics like this openly on a carpeted floor!!!  The heat and electrical output can easily spark up a nice little campfire in your room. 


Clean all contacts on your carts and the cart slot.  You can try and reseat the main chips on the board.  Check the extremely fragile ribbon cable to see if it damaged.


Put it all back together and test in a proper area, or at least with a piece of 3/4" plywood under it if you intend to do it on your floor.


Thanks....  My helmet.... And I use it a lot 





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