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On Twitch/ Mixer: recording chat and preserving surround soubscapes

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The microphone broke on my Turtle Beach x41.  It broke at a place that you have to get a new parts and their out of new parts.


I was considering getting a DSS1 to get Dolby headphone out of Dolby sound.  Also it has a 3.5 mm out which accurately captures the headphone sound and let you send it to stream.


Also 3.5 mm headsets are pretty common to find cheap with microphones.  They're disposable:  one breaks buy a new one.


So I got a few issues pertaining to systems from the Xbox 360 onward.


First the Xbox 360 natively uses a 2.5 mm cable and it uses a three region cable for talk, listen, and ground.  Most modern 3.5 mm headphones have four regions left listen, right listen, speak and ground.


I do want have one of those y splitters with a green three region 3.5 mm on one end of the Y a pink one, and a female 3.5 mm hole which I assume has a four region hole.


I assume the green is game audio in and pink is chat out.  I assume within game if your character within the game your friend will be mixed in relative to the game world.  So if your friend is 30° in front of your right you'll hear him at that anymore as long as chat is mixed with in-game.


Problem is I don't know how to convert 3.5 to 2.5 in a way that I can be assured that this will work.


Also I got a PlayStation 3 with a device called a. Turtle Beach dac1.  That takes audio from toslink and combines it with headphone that plugs in via USB,.


Finally I have one of those $5 PC surround external sound cards which has a USB a male on one end and 23.5 mm on the other one labeled mico, one labeled headphones.


I assume that device could be plugged into the USB port of a switch and a Wii U and what sense are USB headphone plugged in.  whether you could speak back or whether you have to use an external phone app depends on the game for Nintendo.  but the audio coming from it will be headphones around either because it outputs in lpcm 5.1 or 7.1 and that dongle converts it to headphone surround, or I heard that all Nintendo systems that have them head parts use their own proprietary headphone surround  sound, that is directionally accurate in three dimensions.


I heard it on the road when playing breath of the Wild on the road, I was able to dodge by hearing.  But I couldn't quite replicate that experience at home even with headphones with a DSS1.


will this device give me headphone surround in the Wii U and switch?


Also got one final question not related to streaming.  How to get good headphone surround sound from DTS and lpcm movies.


I don't know what settings to put my PS3 buy Xbox 360 and my Xbox One to get good headphone surround sound, with any movie format and coded.


Since my Xbox 360 is my only HD DVD player, I have no idea how to get DTS to sound surround.


the PlayStation 3 has so many options and I can't figure out how to get DTS movies to sound in surround.


Finally about Xbox One S Blu-ray player.  I did a blind hearing test using Dolby Atmos headphone app, and found that the DTs 7.1 lossless track in The Fugitive is better than the 5.1 Dolby Digital compressed.  by the way the only reason why I chose the fugitive was because that's one of the few movies I have in both Dolby and DTS and I know what scenes to check for for directional accuracy (the fight on the bus and the train crash right back to back)


It seems like Dolby Atmos movies sound better in Dolby Atmos headphone,. But Dolby 5.1 sounds awful using the Dolby Atmos app.  I don't know if the DTs is more directionally accurate than the Dolby but it sounds acoustically better than the Dolby 5.1.  I just questioned that mixes directional accuracy.


It's like when you have to convert from one thing to another and then to headphones something gets lost in the double translation.  


Then you have LPCM movies like Apocalypto.  Toslink could only carry encoded Dolby or DTS or uncompressed two track.


Someone told me you could get surround sound out of USB on the PlayStation 3, because Sony sells gold wireless ear phones that plug just in the USB. The question is how do you get it into gold earphone mode so that I can hear everything in surround.  otherwise I have to use a DAC to get a mix from the game, Annette best is either Dolby or DTS and it may not convert right.


Can anyone help me get DTS and lpcm movies working on these game systems?  Also could someone think of a solution for a stand-alone Blu-ray player that doesn't have USB surround out?

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