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Dark Fortress: a NEW (old) game for the Atari ST

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Recently I've been interviewing Paul Witte and Herb Flower about their BBS door game Thieves' Guild (play it on Dark Force!) in preparation for some future blog posts. Herb made some really cool pixel art for the TG front-end client that has always impressed me. Anyway, Paul and Herb told me that Herb had an unreleased game that he wrote in the late 80s in GFA BASIC, called "Dark Fortress." They mailed the disk to me, and I managed to recover the game.


Anyway, you can download the game, learn more about gameplay, and read a short essay from Herb about its creation here:






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Very cool thanks!  Downloaded it and will give it a go on my ST.

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I just realized the front of the castle has a giant "H."  Herb confirms this is deliberate.

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