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turn OS-B carts into XL/XE carts, please...

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Well, I made a proof of concept on Altirra, putting TRIG3 ($D013) on GINTLK ($03FA) every frame. It worked fine.


I just put an small VBI routine on $100, forcing GINTLK with TRIG3.


If we find enough bytes on the ROM, we can add this routine and make it work. I will see it now.



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21 hours ago, FULS said:

Also, besides fixing the Astro Chase Carts, is there a Monster Maze cart that works on the OsB and XL machines.



I looked into the cartridges. There is an illegal call into a keyboard routine. Maybe if we can generalize that call, we can fix it.


Here's a beta that should do the trick. Please let me know if you find any bug.

Monster Maze (1982)(Epyx) beta.bin

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Thank you guys for all the work in converting these.

I have one more request.

Is there a Pool 400 cart that works on both the OsB and XL computers?


I have these two images, one works on OsB only and the other XL only.

On a Hex editor they look very similar. I'm thinking each one makes an illegal call into the OS.

Pool 400 (OsB).bin

Pool 400 (XL_XE).bin


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17 hours ago, larryleffaovell said:

There is an already working version I linked earlier. Try this one...

Pool 400.zip 12.69 kB · 10 downloads


I tried using Altirra in XL mode but couldn't get your Bin to work.

Would you retry with XL and see.

I might have my settings wrong.

Also I couldn't get your Monster Maze to work in XL mode.

Wilheim's (Post #52) works fine.


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Hmm, you're right. Interesting. I'm doing all my tests with the atari800 emulator as I'm on Linux... The binary loads and shows the initial screen with both, 800 and XL/XE, but only when setting is 800 the game is working correctly and hangs on XL/XE. Tried the atari++ emulator and there XL/XE runs the binary but hangs at start and crashes with crashed at $a003 illegal opcode $02 when set as 800.

Weired. Seems that something's borked with this cartridge or dump.

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