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Math Fun Fun Fact

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I have 10 Math Fun Cartridges.  I was wondering if I had any of the Original Entry Method.  This means if you add numbers together the way in which you enter them on the keypad. For example: if the problem is 92 + 33, on the Original Entry Method you would enter: 5-2-1 on the keypad. On the Revised Entry Method you would enter: 1-2-5 on the keypad.


Of the 10 I tested:

5 were Hong Kong - All were Revised Entry Method.

3 were Digiplay - All were Original Entry Method.

1 was USA (No Insert to Here line) - Revised Entry Method.

1 was from a 3 Line Box (meaning 3 Lines on the Front Bottom Right Hand corner of the box): This one is the Original Entry Method which makes absolutely no sense to me as it has the screwless bottom and the M-Network holes in the top.

The 3 Hong Kong and the USA were all from 4 Line boxes which were some of the earliest releases and the 3 Line box was a much later release.

I would have thought they would have fixed the code prior or releasing the later cartridges.

Anyone have additional info on the Timeline of the release of Math Fun?

I just sold BSRSteve a Digiplay Math Fun but did not test it but will assume it is the Original Entry Method.


Go Figure!!!


Below are pics of my Original Entry Method Math Fun.














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