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FS: Rare Intellivision carts including Spiker

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I was able to sell many of my boxed doubles last June and thought there might be interest in some of my more rare loose carts. I also have a ton of common carts. If you have interest in something not on the list let me know and I'll make you a great deal. All games have been cleaned and tested. Boxed games are always shipped in a box. Loose games may ship in a box or a padded envelope but will always be well protected. Shipping in the U.S. is $3.50 for the first game or $5 total for as many games as you want.


White Label Games:

Chess $5

Dig Dug $27

Diner $35

Shark! Shark! $4

Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey $10

Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball - make offer/best offer [Pending]

Super Pro Decathlon $20

Thin Ice $15

World Championship Baseball $7


Third Party Games:

Beauty and the Beast $4

Blockade Runner $5

Centipede $15

Donkey Kong Jr. $5 (label has a couple of 'bumps')

Dreadnaught Factor $5 (slight wrinkling on label)

Dracula $20

Fathom $25

Frogger $5

Pacman $15

Sewer Sam $7

Swords and Serpents $4

Venture $4










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Awesome deals. Too bad I've got them all or I'd have jumped on them.

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The current offer for Spiker! is $400. I'll accept offers through the end of the day tomorrow (6/18).



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3 minutes ago, Rogerpoco said:

Crap. missed it-I'd have loved to have that Dreadnaught Factor!!!


I had 4 people wanting Dreadnaught Factor and another 4 wanting Sewer Sam. Ironically, I didn't notice that Dreadnaught Factor was showing the screw holes until after I sold it so I sent it but refunded the money since it wasn't described to my liking.

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Current offer for Spiker is still $400. Accepting offers until midnight (EST) tonight.



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