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Colecovision HSC Season 13 - Round 13 - Oil's Well - Level 1 Challenge

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Round 13 Season 13


Oil's Well ScreenshotOil's Well for Colecovision Box ArtOil's Well Screenshot


Level 1 Challenge (Texas Tea)

Game Information

Game Name: Oil's Well

Released by: Original Game: 8-Bit Computers Sierra On-Line by Thomas Mitchell 1983 . CV: Coleco 1984.

Settings: Premium

CV HSC High Score: First time playing 1 Screen Challenge for Oil's Well (Premium).

Manual: http://www.colecovisionzone.com/photos/game/manual/oils well manual.pdf


Simply get as many points as you can on Level 1 ONLY! Leave one pellet, don't advance to Level 2. Take a pic.



Oil's Well Level 1 Challenge Bonus Points: Play the game & post a score= +3

Score 5,000= +2, Score 10,000=  +3, Score 25,000= +4, Score 40,000=  +5, Score 60,000= +7, Score 80,000= +10, Score 100,000 & up= +12

Break or set a new CV HSC High Score= +10


Round Ends: Thursday June 25th at 12pm(PST) 3pm (EST)


Everyone who posts a score throughout the season will be entered into a drawing at seasons end for a special prize!


The same rules and scoring system that have been used the past few seasons will be in play this season as well. Season 13 rules: http://atariage.com/...1-cv-hsc-rules/




Good Luck!

Final Oil's Well Level 1 Challenge Scores

  1)207,530 DuggerVideoGames +3 +12 +10 Record Setter :-o :-o 

  2)  32,590 Bmack36 +3 +4

  3)  23,420 ed1475 +3 +3

  4)  17,610 zaphro72 +3 +3

  5)  15,710 digress +3 +3

  6)  11,980 roadrunner +3 +3 

  7)    8,990 Serguei2 +3 +2  

   8)    8,170 jblenkle   +3 +2

  9)    7,570 fakecortex +3 +2

10)    1,840 DarthCloud +3


Round 13 Totals - Including Bonus Points

  1){125} DuggerVideoGames

  2) {23}  Bmack36 

  3) {17}  ed1475

  4) {14}  zaphro72

  5) {13}  digress

  6) {12}  roadrunner

  7)  {9}   Serguei2

        {9}   jblenkle

        {9}   fakecortex

  8){6}   DarthCloud


Season Standings - After 13 Rounds

  1)1081 Bmack36

  2)1077 DuggerVideoGames

  3)  780 NCG

  4)  661 jblenkle

  5)  523 zaphro72

  6)  501 ed1475

  7)  473 fakecortex

  8)   435 chuckwalla 

  9)  323 digress

10)  319 droadrunner

11)  135 Mangia-Boy

12)  132 S.BAZ 

13)  113 Sneakyturtleegg  

14)  105 bowlstir   

15)    87 Player One

16)    51 DarthCloud

17)    44 Serguei2

18)     3  BatmanVsCatwoman




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Haven't played this one in awhile. Rounds will end on Thursday's now. If you have a challenge for us to try by all means suggest it here or PM me. I hope everyone is well and best of luck, Stay Safe!

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[Premium]:  58,850 pts.  Pathetic.  I usually get between 80k to 140k when doing level 1 only.  Two games in a row, I had the unfortunate luck of the bomb appearing in the top row.  I ordinarily outmaneuver it and the enemies in the top row; however, that was impossible to do these times and I get caught with over 800 remaining on the timer TWICE per game in both games!  Definitely giving this another go later.



Oil's Well level 1 challenge 58,850 pts.jpg

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Posted (edited)

[Premium]:  91,220 pts.  That's more like it!  Of course this happens on two consecutive lives (with a lot of time remaining on both lives).


Edit:  Although you cannot see it in the pic, a baddy was right on top of that bomb in the top row.  It unfortunately didn't get across the screen fast enough to reach me before the bomb, as it ended up right on top of that bomb when the baddy finally reached me.  I was busy devouring the others on the right side and did not have an opportunity to loop around from underneath and get it when it was still on the left.  Sucks when that happens...



Oil's Well level 1 challenge 91,220 pts.jpg

Edited by DuggerVideoGames
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I haven't been able to play much more of this :( :( :( and won't before the deadline. So good round everyone! This is a very tough, but satisfying, game!

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Dugger proves to be our top driller with an extremely impressive score. Nicely done! I'd admire your's, Bmack's and others drive and determination with their gaming. Big thanks once again to everyone that partook in this challenge round! Our next round will feature a home brew that we have not played before.

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