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Complete list of Post Dreamcast Releases

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Title says it all...


After the DC was discontinued, what games made it out, what homebrews, etc. are there. There seems to be a big dev scene, but I must admit, I have not kept up with it.


For Example, Some late releases that never made it:

  • Propeller Arena
  • Half Life


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I remember downloading and playing Half Life years ago. The game was pretty much finished from what I recall. Would have been decent on the Dreamcast at that time, I really enjoyed it on the 360 though.  Dual analog sticks for the win!

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I believe Sega released games for the Dreamcast (in Japan) until 2007, I'll make a list and report back.


Edit: Okay, so the list is WAY bigger than I expected, so I'll list the last three official Dreamcast games (according to Sega Retro) instead:

Frog Feast




Trigger Heart Exelica


There was also a Homebrew game Last Hope released in 2007 as well.

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14 hours ago, davidcalgary29 said:

Gooddealgames is a good place to start. 

Excellent. I have many of those. Looks like I missed out on some the schmups. 


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Xeno Crisis is awesome on the Genesis/MD. The Dreamcast version just got released several days ago and I imagine it's even better on the Dreamcast!

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Loads of Homebrew:

Sturmwind (Duranik)

Pier Solar and the Great Architects (WaterMelon)

Gun-Lord (NG:DEV.TEAM)

Last Hope (NG:DEV.TEAM)

Fast Striker (NG:DEV.TEAM)

Another World (JoshProd)
Fade to Black (JoshProd)

Flashback (JoshProd)
4x4 Jam (JoshProd)

Breakers (JoshProd)

Ghost Blade (Hucast)

Dux (Hucast)


That's just a few I can think of, there's loads more.

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A quick list of my homebrew collection.

Double entries are different releases.

The newest game is Xeno Crises. Got my copy last week.


1. 4x4-Jam 

2. Alice Dreams Tournament Euro Edition incl. VMU light

3. Alice's Mom's Rescue

4. Alice's Mom's Rescue 

5. Another World

6. Armed Seven LE 

7. Bang2 Busters 

8. Battle Crust Limited Edition incl. Soundtrack CD

9. Breakers

10. Captain Tomaday 

11. Cool Herders

12. Dux Version 1.5 

13. Elansar & Philia 

14. Escape 2042 The Truth Defenders

15. Fade To Black

16. Fast Striker Ver. 1.5 

17. Feet Of Fury 

18. Finding Teddy

19. Flashback 

20. Fruit'Y

21. FX-Unit Yuki: The Henshin Engine 

22. Ganryu

23. Ghost Blade LE 

24. Ghost Blade

25. Gunlord

26. Hermes incl. Comic

27. Inhabitants 

28. Irides - Master Of The Blocks

29. Leona's Tricky Adventures 

30. Magic Pockets 

31. Maqiupai

32. Neo XYX 

33. Pier Solar HD Collectors Edition + Pier Solar Guide Book

34. Pink Bullets Last Hope 

35. Puzzle Collection 

36. Redux Dark Matters/ Dux Version 1.5 #128 

37. Rush Rush Rally Racing DX  incl. Soundtrack CD

38. Rush Rush Rally Reloaded

39. Sturmwind Windstärke 12 LE  + Plushi Krakor

40. Sturmwind

41. The Escapee

42. Völgarr The Viking

43. Völgarr The Viking

44. Wind And Water Puzzle Battle 

45. Xeno Crisis

46. Zia & The Goddesses Of Magic 

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I can remember years ago there was a Dreamcast site called Bor Revolution I believe. Does anyone else remember that site? That site had a ton of ISO files that could be burned to a CD and played on the Dreamcast. Seemed like a lot of the games were just graphic hacks of some side scrolling fighting game (I think one of the Streets of Rage) but they would change the graphics to be the film Aliens, or Resident Evil, etc... Totally not legit, but based on the screen shots were really well done. They also had other more original (if kind of simple) homebrew games. I can recall downloading some of them, and may have even burned some to disk, but if I did I don't know I ever played them. Probably have them on a spindle somewhere.


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