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Easter Egg Thread

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I'm surprised there isn't a thread like this(or at least one that's not 10-15 years old).


I kick this off with one I posted on the discord:


In Galaxian for the Famicom, if you press the reset button 44 times, press A+B on the second controller (the one without the start and select buttons for those who don't know), and press reset one more time you'll be able to listen to some secret music! There are five songs in total and you have to repeat those steps every time to hear them all. You can also do it by pressing the reset button 10 times and then shouting into the mic 4 times, but It didn't work as well for me.


Bonus one:

In Super Mario Odyssey, if you go to the Metro Kingdom and look at the street signs, all the names will be references to DKC characters. 

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