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On 7/9/2020 at 11:06 AM, AtariWarlord said:

Seeing as you're so far ahead, can you PLEASE offer some input on how to fight that first bee boss? I know you're supposed to knock it out by jumping on rainbows over it, but how do you avoid just landing on the bee itself and losing a life?

Yeah, just stay off to the side and fire rainbows at it.  Jump into the rainbows nearby, away from the boss.  If you only have one rainbow you may need to rely a little more on just hitting it with the rainbows.  When all goes well, the boss dies within a few seconds! 


fast rainbows, fire, fire fire!  then jump.  then only another hit or two kills it.


... I'm still clueless when I make it to the 2nd boss!

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