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FS: F18A + VGA header

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For Sale: Quantity 2 (F18A + VGA header set). LIMIT one + header each to two separate buyers to spread the wealth. CONUS shipping only.

Boards new, still sealed in their anti-static bags (original receipt pic below to prove I'm original purchaser and V1.8 firmware).

Not TI-99/4A-specific, but they do have the low profile pins. I never got around to opening them and installing into a console to update to V1.9 (latest version).

History: I have been running three others purchased in the same 2017 frame in TI-99/4A computers with zero issues or had to return one for repair or due to DOA!


No warranty or support; selling as is. Specific install application and any firmware updates fall to the buyer. I will photocopy the fact/install sheet so each buyer gets a copy.

With the MK2 due out soon, I'm asking $65 ($57 each + $8 postage via USPS insured small flat-rate box). Sorry, that's what I have on hand due to the COVID-19 environment.

Just trying to recover some on a previous investment to be able to afford new, future TI-99/4A gadgets. 😁


As this is my first listing here I'm going to keep it simple (for me) by asking payment via Paypal "friends and family" with verified address, subject to terms above and replies HERE to keep it above board

as I'm not playing PM race the clock. First come; first serve ... then we can hash out details via PM with settled payment to hopefully get them out to y'all this week.

Thanks in advance for your interest.






Original Receipt.JPG

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7 minutes ago, JR> said:

I'll take one.

You're first. PM sent.


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3 minutes ago, TPR said:

I'll take one as well.

You're second. PM sent.

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10 hours ago, OLD CS1 said:

Hey, man!  Welcome to the Marketplace!



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