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UAV or sophia 2? Compatibility with ultimate 1mb?

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hi all

The seemingly never-ending quest for crisp and clear video..

I'm quite happy with the Ultimate 1mb upgrade from Lotharek in my 65xe. I'm currently running video via an 8-bit classic din-to-svideo

into an upconverter to html, and it's "OK".. but seeing the demos of sophia 2 (purchasable when???) and recently of the UAV

upgrade, I have to ask about compatibility.  Should I expect either to work with the U1mb upgrade? For some reason, I tend to expect

that sophia2 will, but I don't have a clue about UAV.



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The U1MB does not affect video output of the system - it will work fine with stock video, a UAV, SOPHIA or SOPHIA 2, or for that matter any number of discrete-component video mods like SuperVideo or ClearPic. I have UAVs in a number of my systems and consoles and it’s quite excellent, especially on CRTs. I also have a spot on Simius’s list for a SOPHIA 2 but no idea when he will have those ready to ship. 

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