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What Are Some Games You'd Like To See Released By Arcade Archives?

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With Super Punchout, and multiple Data East games (including Burgertime) on their way to the Eshop and PS store under the Arcade Archives brand, the possibilities are endless. If they could get ahold of the rights, Kung Fu Master and Great Swordsman would be excellent titles they could add to their catalog. Radar Scope would also be a good one to release since it stayed in the Arcades.


What are some games you'd like to see on Arcade Archives?

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Here's a list of pre 1990 or so games that I'd love to see.


-Cisco Heat
-Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat
-Domino Man

-Food Fight
-Juno First
-Jr. Pac-Man
-Lady Bug
-Lock 'n' Chase
-Mouse Trap

-Night Driver (Only if Hamster supported PS4 steering wheels)
-Pepper II

-Satan of Saturn/Zarzon
-Solar Fox

-Turbo Outrun

-Two Tigers


My wish list is centered around stuff that hasn't ever surfaced on consoles before in arcade accurate form in the era of arcade emulation, with a few exceptions. And quite a few aren't particularly realistic, like the two Sega arcade racing games from the 1980's. Barring a sea change with how Sega does business, they seem to keep their arcade properties in-house where home consoles are concerned. 

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No games in particular. I would just like to see them be released on Xbox One.

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