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Sebastian Henckel

Harmony Encore working with one 2600 an not the other..

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My new Harmony Encore will work with one Atari 2600, but the other one only shows the Ying-Yang Swirl. (I have two machines). Every once in a while the other 2600 will also work, but I could not find out why.


I am using a PAL 50 Hz TV, the machine that works with the Harmony is an NTSC machine, I believe. The one that doesn't work is a PAL version, I believe.

( I believe this is so because sound is not working on the Atari that does play with Harmony and colors are off for my regular cartridges with that machine).


The SD Card is Fat32 formatted and 32 Gbyte large.


I tried reflashing the BIOS of the harmony, but that doesn't work, because the Harmony Software cannot detect the Harmony cartridge. (Windows 8.1., I manually installed the USB drivers, the device is showing up in Device Manager without any problems, but the Software shows the "red dot of death". Also, the software can only be terminated by ctrl+alt+del), although the menus work and it is not frozen). However, as the cartridge is working with one of the Ataris, this doesn't seem to be the problem...


Is there anyone who has any tips?









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It is probably a power problem - the Harmony cart requires more power than a regular cart and this can cause problems when the PSU or voltage regulator is marginal.   Are you using the same power supply with each console?   If not, try swapping them around and seeing if that helps.    However, to fix it properly you will probably need to replace the voltage regulator and capacitors inside the Atari console:





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