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Welcome to the Lost Gaming Club! Before you start posting, it's highly recommended you read the rules:

1. No talks of politics or religion. This is still Atariage and their rules are still enforced. Discussions of these topics usually start flame wars (have you seen the COVID-19 threads?)


2. No witch-hunting, doxxing, or harassing of people who own undumped games. Yeah, people who refuse to dump games are jerks, but you have to respect their wishes, just look for another lead. You will be banned instantly if you break this rule.


3. Be civil. Don't call people names or make fun of their beliefs. Please be mature here.


4. Don't post things you vaguely remember in the Lost Gaming section. That's what the Tip Of My Tounge section is for.


Breaking these rules will result in a warning (except for #2), breaking them again will result in a ban.

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