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Hooking up heavy sixer via RF - channel?

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I have a heavy sixer shipping to me this week. I have a new AC adapter ready to go for it, and ordered one of those RF to coaxial adapters.


I know the heavy sixer doesn't have a channel selector, so I'm just wondering how it works when hooked up to a TV or VCR. Does it automatically output to channel 2 or 3 or?


Thanks for any info.

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On 7/4/2020 at 9:07 PM, DrVenkman said:

Heavy Sixer's output on channel 3 (at least in NTSC-land). 

If you lived in a city with a local Ch3 TV station, you would get a Sears console which would output to a different channel.  In fall of 1977, we returned our Ch3 Video Arcade console and exchanged it for another.  (I cannot remember if it was Ch2 or Ch4 unit.)   Sears sales person said that they made a mistake by sending Ch3 units to my city, Chattanooga Tennessee, where WRCB Ch3 broadcasted RF.

I program all our old TVs to receive Ch2, Ch3 and Ch4 which covers all of the old RF systems.

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