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SOLD!! - UAV upgraded, Power updated Atari 5200 Console Only looking for a new forever home.

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I don't normally offer anything for sale, but this was a 5200 that arrived to me essentially not working and written off as a parts only system. However, it proved to be a wonderful candidate for a small series of videos I did on my channel regarding repairs for the 5200. I have spare 5200s already and simply don't need another. So I decided to give it some common and much needed updates and offer for sale here to my fellow enthusiasts here at AtariAge. Let me tell you about this 5200 and what has been done in regards to repairs and what its flaws are.


Flaws and the repairs done on this 5200:

- It isn't a mint console and has been repaired along with the updates it has received so that it will be used and awesome games played on it for years to come.

- Metal plate has the usual scratches and small dents but I've cleaned the black scuffs off it and made it look as good as I'm able

- Controller storage cover is fully intact, but arrived with a severe warp on the left hand side that made the cover stick up about 1/2cm off the top case. I used my heat gun to make the section pliable again and reformed it back as straight as I was able. I left it sitting with heavy weight on it for 2 days to make sure it took the new shape well

- The bottom RF cord wrap plastic ring is missing on this console so you can't wrap the RF cable around the bottom.

- The top shell near the controller storage had both of those upper boss posts broken off and missing. To ensure the other remaining 5 boss posts on the console stay intact, they have been reinforced with heat shrink tubing around them.

- The expansion plate arrived with a broken tab. As such, I had to use epoxy to hold it in place so that it would not pop out easily when plugging in and removing the AV cables from the back. 

- POKEY was missing originally and has been replaced with a working pull from another 5200 parts donor board

- Audio section had burned out traces and missing vias from the previous owner attempting repairs. This has all been fixed and working properly as you can hear in the video below. You can see the replacement caps for the audio in the pics. Repaired missing connections were mostly done on the bottom of the PCB with another small trace repair wire installed between the two caps ontop

- Original CPU was also giving some errors in diagnostics tests and was replaced with a working spare

- Original 1.0 BIOS was registering an error in diagnostics and has been replaced with a Rev. 1.1 Bios from the same donor 5200 the Pokey came from

- One of the 4052 MUX chips located at U13 was faulty and has been replaced restoring full controller functionality to all 4 ports

I say all of this not to make it appear as a bad or questionable purchase but because I am being upfront and honest about what has been done to get this system working back to 100%. It has some flaws, but I think the new owner will be quite happy with this 5200 for many years to come and I do hope it can find a new home where it will be enjoyed soon.


Here is what updates I've given this 5200:

- UAV has been installed to provide great composite and s-video video outputs

- Because I've had them on hand and wasn't using them, I installed gold plated RCA jacks to the expansion plate along with the s-video output

- Audio is tapped and filtered properly and connected dual mono to L/R RCA jacks

- Original power inductor and filter cap removed and replaced with a console5 power conversion kit. Only change is that I use a different wire harness that provides a way to easily disconnect the power so the main board can be removed in the future if needed.

- New DC barrel jack installed next to the channel select switch so the 4-port switch box is no longer required to power this 5200.


** This console has SOLD! **


I'm asking $100 + actual shipping costs for this 5200. It is the console only and does not come with any games, no power supply, and no controllers. I wish I had spares of some of those to provide with it, but I'm hoping that someone here will have been on the look out for a pre-upgraded 5200 that is ready for them that has the rest of the stuff on hand. I will ship only within the 48 contiguous United States as shipping beyond that is crazy expensive right now.


I've attached pics of the exterior and interior work done on this 5200 by me along with a short video of some game play off this 5200 I captured directly off my flat panel TV through s-video. It also still has the original RF shielding intact and reinstalled internally. If the new owner wishes, I'm happy to change out the power LED and can remove the original 7805s with DC-DC switcher regulators but I will leave that to the discretion of the new owner and it would costs extra to do that.


I'm happy to answer any questions and to provide any other additional pics if needed. Thank you for your consideration and I apologize for the length of this post but wanted to make sure all details were known.




Overview1.thumb.jpg.b5aa1eb562973ba6962cbbfea139b005.jpg   Overview2.thumb.jpg.3d6e68f0226783910938c38377b03f00.jpg


Rear_Profile.thumb.jpg.075ceec6f1bb2db7012e758401ff6dda.jpg   DC_Jack_Detail.thumb.jpg.e0c42aafb5d7e2ba2a42175cb4ee1279.jpg


AV_Jacks_Detail.thumb.jpg.00a6a779bb119497102a41f3ad6d8a35.jpg   5200_UAV_Overview.thumb.jpg.dd563a7fe3815adcf917d1a2f7c20b10.jpg


UAV_Detail.thumb.jpg.1eb74ceb673ee1f9fd4e3375529b71ff.jpg   Pwr_Mod_Detail.thumb.jpg.93c9afe5575af5c59843203f26cc12c2.jpg








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That didn't last long as I suspected...this is now currently pending sale. I will let the next in line know if something should change.


Thank you to those that reached out to me to ask about this as I really appreciate it!


Not set in stone, but I will likely have another console only system to provide that is all stock very soon.

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This 5200 has now been sold. 


I will have a stock Vader 2600 console only available soon and might just use this thread for when that is available.

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