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Suggestion: Source code field in games ddb

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First of all: I love this site! Thanks for making it exist!


So, I started a thread asking a question about source code for games. I was looking for some definitive, uber list like there is for ROMs. I'm always asking myself, "I wonder how they did X in game Y?" 


The answer seemed to be no, there's no master list of asm files, original source code, or disassembled ROM dumps. 


Then I was thinking, maybe instead of a master list, it would be easier to build and maintain if it were just a new field in the big games database, along with ROM downloads, cart scans, html manuals, etc. A "source code" field in the ddb. Then people could just add the source files as they found or created them.


That's my suggestion. Thanks for reading! (Sorry if this already exists!) :)


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Yes, this is a great idea!  I am going to rewrite the entire database from scratch soon (been gearing up for that for a while and I really have a fire under my butt now to do it), and that's something I hadn't considered.  I'm also going to have digital downloads for games in the forum (including purchasing homebrew ROMs, which people have wanted for a while), and I can add such a field for those games as well.  It would definitely help to have an initial "master list" here in the forum that I could use as the basis for adding these entries to the database.  I could add this to the existing database pretty quickly once we've established such a list.


Thank you for the suggestion,



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