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BBS Express ST vs. FoReM - Harddrive support, file transfer protocols

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Hey Atarians,


Did BBS Express for the ST ever eventually support ZModem, or any other 'faster' protocols than Ymodem-1K?  (even FModem which was basically 4K blocks YModem)?

And did they ever add support 'lazy support' for storing files on multiple hard disk partitions?  




I ran 3 different Atari BBSes over time back in the day..  BBS Express (Pro?) on the 8bit,  BBS Express on the ST, and FoReM the ST, before switching to PCBoard..


While I loved BBS Express for the ST, and even co-wrote a trivial pursuit game with my Dad (that Keith Ledbetter eventually asked and then took over development of :) - Keith is awesome), the kid in me just wanted more games..   so after my father kinda got out of the BBS and Atari scene (but left me with a nice 65MB harddisk on the ST) I switched to FoReM for it's improvements in file transfer protocols, and also because I remember you could just feed it drive letters and it would store files "warez" across all of them with no fuss.  Given my machine was probably TOS 1.02 (520STm) - I had 4 x 16MB partitions.  


I also remember Fidonet being interesting but I never quite got that running (or at least not for a long period of time).  





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Yes, BBS Express! ST supports Zmodem support, via an

external module/program.


When you get a free moment, visit DarkForce!, my BBS

and take a look around. You just might be a bit surprised.




PS See the sig for the link...


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