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Panasonic 3DO with rare S-Video Port & Accesories

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Now accepting offers.

1 - REAL 3DO Panasonic player in excellent condition - it has the S-Video port too!

1 - original remote in excellent condition 

1 - Ultra Rare 3DO game guru with game samples and original box in excellent condition

1 - Rare 3DO 6 button joypad in original box and like new condition 

2 - Rare 3DO American Laser Game game guns only excellent condition

2 - ULTRA RARE 3DO Cheat Books in good to excellent condition. Perfect for the collector

1 - Theme Park game in LIKE NEW condition. Disc has no flaws. 

Selling from ORIGINAL owner. Has been kept stored safely and away from humidity. Must be sold all together. I’ve included extra game samplers and 3DO magazine discs at no extra cost. 


Shipping is at your cost either through Canada Post (at regular rates) OR using my discount with UPS (much faster). Shipping quotes can be given for serious offers. Just message me your full address including zip/postal code when doing so. C0A424FD-3EE4-456E-A46E-43A471EB7DAD.thumb.jpeg.2bf370419dd73267faad03ec1c0d1000.jpeg77578878-2337-4872-A688-671C39D28316.thumb.jpeg.a2a6f6e3a10432076d4e354ee65d49aa.jpegA9C20F99-25A9-4C01-8CAD-A7E95DC38DC9.thumb.jpeg.84daf5940956dd59caf4d549e1c23d66.jpeg6729B1AD-A760-4052-BA4D-BF2CAB677812.thumb.jpeg.72e27c8680ea34a42c5880c7328a37e8.jpegFCA7F8E2-66D0-4BFE-AFAD-A87F9510917E.thumb.jpeg.756bcadafb03a9e8158ea97a37d580fd.jpeg7881CEC1-F094-4FC6-9EB0-85BA4A1CB53B.thumb.jpeg.494f5c00d296f83ad255b6cc2d003465.jpegF08BDC8D-C3EA-437A-8A52-FC5576B62365.thumb.jpeg.f0b5a24305c55138d75683cf0090d982.jpeg548EBE4A-0250-456F-8D2E-26D3739223BE.thumb.jpeg.5fdb62410251e20776cc86ab97e90ad8.jpeg3582272B-476D-4322-922E-FFAEEF5C3FDF.thumb.jpeg.334eeae0b081ace1658e07b3c59d6f4b.jpeg

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