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Atari800MacX Version 5.2.0 Released

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Hi all,


A new version of Atari800MacX, the Atari XL/XE/5200 emulator for MacOS is available now.


Here are the full release notes:


New Features/Bug Fixes (in version 5.2.0):

  • Added a new printer emulation which is able to print ATASCII graphics characters, which is very useful for printing a program listing to a PDF.
  • Added Austin Franklin 80 Column card emulation
  • Added Bit3 Full View 80 Column card emulation.
  • Added a feaure to automatically switch between the normal Atari display and the 80 column display.</li>

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed issue where XEP80 display was not cleared on system reset.


Download it here: https://github.com/atarimacosx/Atari800MacX/releases/tag/Release_5.2.0


The 80 column emulation is a bit rough in this release, in that it uses a separate window with a different aspect ration for the 80 column cards.  This will be cleaned up in version 5.3.0, which will be coming out in the next month.  It's also going to include some other features, including native Mac fullscreen, instead of the libSDL version now used.


Not on the ATASCII printer emulation, it now includes the ability to use another font, such as the ones that Mr. Robot mentioned in a previous post: https://atari8bit.net/atari-fonts/ .





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Posted (edited)

Thank you very much! This version works fine on my iMac with Catalina 10.15.6. I just played around with the ATASCII Print emulation, great!

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Thanks for continued development. Much appreciated in Mac land!

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