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#FujiNet Testing and Bug Reporting Thread

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OKAY FOUND THE PROBLEM  I must tap "C" configure several times until it set the right address.  The address it was setting was bogus.  3 or 4 times of tapping the "C" key gets things right.  Whew!  My previous question still stands.  Can I use the 5G network that is available to me on the Atari?

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So here's a bizarre FujiNet bug - this file will load on my 576 NUC+ from my TNFS server using either @mytek's integrated FujiNet board, or (with that board turned off), via an earlier external FujiNet board connected via SIO. It will *not* load from either FujiNet device if I load it from the SD card. It will start, get to the text title screen and then after a few more seconds of SIO activity will freeze. The NUC+ FujiNet board was updated just this afternoon, though the external device was updated a week or so ago, so it's a minor version or two out of date, but the behavior regarding this file is identical regardless. What's more, when I tried this file on my Incognito 800 via my external FujiNet, I see similar behaviour: loading from the SD card freezes during load at the text title screen, but loading from my local TNFS server work. 


WTF? Since it's not NUC-specific, I'm posting here in the bug reporting thread.


Here's the file if anyone wants to try to replicate. As per usual with all my ATX files, they are from the A8 Software Preservation torrent. 

Goonies, The (1985)(Datasoft)(US)(NTSC)[!].atx

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