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Search box problems?

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Is anyone else having trouble with the Search feature on the left nav bar of the AtariAge home page? e.g. I can type "Combat" into the Title box and I'll instead get a list of absolutely every 2600 game. The Search button seems to take you to https://atariage.com/software_list.php without any arguments (and thus the full list of Atari 2600 games).  Inspecting the HTML, it looks like the form is using POST method but the URL responds to GET only. If I manually edit my cached copy to do GET, the problem goes away.


Once you get to the search results, entering something into New Search's Title works correctly if you click Search there.


However, there is one other problem: if you click Advanced, it just goes back to the full list of 2600 games.  (The GET URL includes "advanced=Advanced" but it doesn't seem to do anything.)


- Jeff

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Yes, the search in the navigation bar on the left is broken, but if you go to the individual system rarity guide pages, that search will work.  I need to fix this.


Thank you,



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