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PC IDE for Atari ST programming

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Is there an equivalent to WUSDN IDE for the 16 bit Atari, or is it a strickly a "roll your own" setup?

What do people use to code either in Assembler or C on the Atari ST and which emulator to try your code on?


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I don't know about some IDE special for Atari 16 bit (ST serial). Some people using assemblers, compilers on PC for sure.

I stick to good old Devpac 3, what is a bit IDE - you have main GUI program where can edit source, set diverse things, run MON (disassembler/debugger), and more.

Steem Debugger is for sure best emulator for trying, debugging your code/program. You have complete overview, can set breakpoints, memory access breakpoints ...

And emulator helps to perform assembling/compiling faster. With modern PC it can be 30-50x faster than on real Atari (when set emul. to max speed mode). With Steem, with later Hatari releases speed gain is not so good.


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