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Easiest way to remove the silver disc on the CV controller

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I didn't see anything before on this but what is the easiest way to remove the silver disc on a CV controller without destroying it? I just bought a few broken controllers and one has a disc in perfect condition but the housing is cracked. Thought I saw someone said to use heat, but wanted to ask before I destroyed the plastic :).



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I think it probably depends on how well the old glue is sticking. I've removed a few and some almost just fall off, while I had one that was a bit more sturdy and the disc bent slightly while removing it. IIRC it's sort of like a thin metallic coin and I was able to bend it back to shape quite easily and reapply it.


I used a really small/thin screwdriver to pry mine out. Warming the disc with a hairdryer might soften the glue a bit, but wasn't necessary for mine.


Hope that helps a bit

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